Friday, October 26

The limes have landed

soon to be key lime pieEureka! Cost-U-Less has key limes!

One of the things I've truly missed about living in California (in addition to Costco Polish dogs, real Mexican food, and In-N-Out Burger) is access to key limes. But when I was cruising the produce aisle this afternoon I spotted them.

key lime treeThe check-out clerk saw my treasure and intuitively sensed the significance of the moment and said, "Oh, wow, I've never seen key limes before. I've heard of these all my life but have never seen them..."

Key limes have come to Guam. Life is good here.

I am growing my own but it will be awhile before I can get a pie from the small tree I planted on campus or the tree I have in a pot in the front of the condo. I planted both trees from seeds that came from the mainland. The climate here is perfect and we are moving, albeit slowly, toward key lime sustainability -- the point at which we graduate out of third world living.

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