Sunday, October 14

Presidential hair loss

My brain was working overtime when I was asleep last night. I awoke this morning with two somewhat random insights.

The first is that they're probably in the thick of the presidential primary bantering on the mainland. The primary elections have got to be just around the corner. And while mainland Americans are most certainly gagging on television ads and nauseated by the political spinning, there is absolutely none of that out here on Guam. There is hardly any campaign coverage in the local rag. The election is never a subject on our one talk radio station. There are no bumper stickers. No yard signs. Most people are probably unaware of the whole circus.

The fact is that because of the way the US Electoral College works the US citizens residing on Guam do not have a voice in presidential elections. So the elections are ignored.

My second epiphany this morning is that there aren't very many balding Pacific Islanders -- whether Chamorro or Micronesian. Compared to what I'm used to seeing on the mainland with people born of the Euro and Latin American gene pools, the Islanders and the Filipinos just don't seem to lose as much of their hair.

I don't know why that came to me in my sleep last night but I'm wondering if perhaps my slumbering mind was looking for some kind of a cause-effect relationship between presidential elections and hair loss.

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