Wednesday, October 10


You look like a million bucks~ So this guy walks into a grocery store and tries to buy something with a $1 million note. The cashier should have just given the man his change in $100,000 bills.

The m-note was perhaps from this Christian ministry? There is no indication as to whether anyone in the store was converted.

~ India's poor going online

~ China now has more billionaires than any country except the US. So much for that whole communist thing.

~ No place to hide -- big brother in the sky

~ "Northwestern College in St Paul, Minnesota, removed a senior as student ministries director because of theological views that some at the college called 'hyper-dispensational.''" That's silly. Everyone knows that two wrongs don't make a right.

Canine ministry at Mariners Church, Irvine~ What spiritual gifts are necessary to join the canine ministry?

~ Barna survey: Youth see Christians as "judgmental" and "anti-gay"

~ I'd do the retinal scan if it were an option for Americans. The practical side of my brain tends to override my paranoid side.

~ Wal-Mart plans to enter the satellite broadband business, says the rumor mill.

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