Wednesday, November 7


~ Greetings from the Renaissance Hotel by the airport in Atlanta -- where I am connecting through a dial-up connection because they want $14.95/day to use the broadband in the room. that's going to happen.

~ Have I mentioned that I'm ready to get back to Guam? Although I'll be happy to stop by for a visit with Kirk and Betsy on the way out. But I don't leave Atlanta until Friday afternoon. I should be back on Guam in time for the opening of Home Depot.
new whale
~ There are some newly discovered species of whales -- Link

~ William Willimon: The point of preaching isn't to reach a culture but to change it -- Link

~ How to carry your desktop with you on a thumb-drive using portableaps -- Link

~ Chicago, Tampa, Miami, Phoenix, and Atlanta -- the most caffeinated cities in America
-- Link

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