Monday, February 4


~ Happy Super Tuesday to you! And may I mention again that the US citizens resident in US territories are not allowed to vote in presidential elections.

~ Guam Governor Felix Camacho saw how much Cheryl and I enjoyed Cairns and decided that he needed to check it out, too. -- Link

~ The Swedish government is looking into getting their taxpayers to fund training programs for Muslim imams. They'd be better off if they simply got out of the business of directly supporting religious training programs -- period. But I'm an American and that's what you'd expect me to think. :-) -- Link

~ Some cities, such as Minneapolis, have skyway systems so people can walk through the downtown during the harsh winters. In Beijing they're building a skyway system not just because of the climate but also because of the polluted environment outside. -- Link

~ Christians in Malaysia are concerned about the confiscation of Bibles -- "...a possible threat to internal security..." No doubt that the government should be concerned. The Bible is definitely subversive -- but probably not in the way that the government is thinking. -- Link (via Sivin Kit)

The world is watching -- to say nothing of God himself.

AMiA has launched a new church planting initiative. How is it that we Covenant guys have become such big AMiA cheerleaders? Kindred spirits with a common mission. -- Link

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