Wednesday, May 28


The day started early with a 5.4 jolt at 2:15 a.m. Epicenter about 10 miles south of us. No damage.

Video of my cousin Susie doing her biochemist thing -- showing how the infrared microscope works ~ Link

My parents have moved 17 miles east from their Tempe, Arizona home of 30-years to Las Palmas Grand in Mesa. Looks great! I can't wait to see the new digs when we visit in July. My brother Gary and his wife Joy have purchased the Tempe home and are remodeling it -- hoping to move in sometime in July. I'm eager to see what they're doing, too. Exciting changes in the family.

The San Jose Mercury News has launched a real e-edition of the paper. That is, you don't just get access to selected stories online but you get the whole newspaper as it would be printed -- with ability to search or convert to .pdf. They're just taking the whole e-thing up a notch. This is what 35 years ago they were saying newspapers would look like in the future. No, I don't intend to spend $52/year to subscribe. ~ Link

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Justin said...

E-edition of a paper... Good idea. Sell more ads, and make them clickable.