Wednesday, September 3


• Many of our PIBC students are missing. Pray. ~ link

• American parents are becoming more directly involved in their children's college education. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Universities are adapting to their presence. ~ link

• I've been running Chrome all day and I'm really starting to like it -- now that I've figured out how to set-up the bookmark bar. That part is still a little clunky but new pages are loading pretty quickly.

• Philipp Lenssen has a perceptive review of Chrome~ link

• Daniel Altman is so on target -- Google's new browser is a "godsend" for the developing world~ link

Gary Walter's (new president of the Covenant) opening remarks ~ link

• Greg Asimakoupoulos gets some CT ink -- the churches on Mercer Island are trying to host the homeless and the neighbors are saying NIMBY! Greg says, "The call to care for the needy supersedes the demands of the more selfish voices in the community." Ouch. ~ link

• Scot McKnight reviewing Chris Wright's book The Mission of God:
But there’s a lingering question that deserves asking: Does this missional reading of "covenant" imply either that most of Israel didn’t understand this or that Israel simply failed in its missional task? Or, is this a hermeneutical issue? Namely, do we learn to see the missional theme because of what we see in the Church? ~ link
Indeed -- a fine question. Can we chalk the whole Hebrew inertia to stubborness regardng their participation in God's worldwide plan or did they just not "get it" because this emphasis is only visible looking through the rear-view mirror as adjusted by Jesus and the apostles?

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