Tuesday, December 9


Tribune, Co, owner of some great American newspapers -- LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun... -- has gone into chapter 11. Transitions into an new era are never easy -- especially for the pillars of the old. ~ link

fidoFido understands the concept of fairness and can get jealous when there is inequity, according to new research. ~ link

A child-support supervisor from a central Minnesota county has been given permission to tele-commute from Arizona. Even government has figured out that it can be a win-win option at times. ~ link

"A mobile telephone exploded in the hand of a Swedish student in the middle of class on Monday, spreading thick smoke throughout the classroom." That's what happens when you mess with the phone when you should be paying attention to the teacher. You should see what we can do to an iPod. ~ link

Rick Mansfield reports that the Renaissance TNIV Reference Bibles are starting to show-up. I'm waiting for the introduction of a two-tone leather version before I buy in. I do like it that they have all black ink type. ~ link

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R. Mansfield said...

Re: Fido and Fair Play...
If our dog Bessie (a basset hound) is in my chair, she will growl, howl, and bark if I try to physically move her. But if I put a dog treat in the floor, she will hop off my chair and eat it while I take my chair back. This is fair play to her. If I move her, it's unfair. But if she moves of her own accord, there's no problem. She never tries to "get back" her spot because she knows she moved on her own accord.

Dogs are smarter than we think and operate on an emotional level much more like us than we want to imagine.