Monday, December 22


Oatmeal for breakfast is cool again. Even Jamba Juice is going to start selling it (free boost?) -- slow-cooked and organic. ~ link
Swedish flag
Finding your roots in Sweden ~ link

Kudos to President-elect Barack Obama for putting Rick Warren on the platform. Kudos to Rick Warren for accepting the invitation. But there is "Incoming!" from the left and the right. Obama and Warren are both well positioned to shake things up. ~ link

Betsy made it as far as Portland (from SFO) before she hit a flight cancellation. She is now scheduled to fly to Honolulu in about 30 minutes. Then she'll catch the Guam flight from there -- a day late. So she met up with a friend in Portland and has been sledding in the snow.

The first commercial hydrokinetic turbine in the US has been installed in the Mississippi River in Minnesota. Hydroelectric power without a dam. ~ link

Guam gas has dropped another 15¢ -- now $2.699/gal.

Fastest growing US states: 1) Utah, 2) Arizona, 3) Texas, 4) North Carolina, 5) Colorado. Texas gained the most people -- followed by California. ~ link

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