Wednesday, September 23


• Another thing I've noticed since we returned to the States in June -- credit card receipts no longer fit into my wallet. With every transaction they raze an entire forest to print out information about surveys (either online or on the phone), warranty limitations, the number of bonus points I've accumulated, coupons... -- TMI -- unmanageable.

Was Paul really an apostle? ~ NTPod

• People are so used to giving out their login info to related apps that they're easily duped by an annoying phishing scam that has been spreading on both Twitter and Facebook. Just don't log into any third party applications and you'll be fine. If you've done so, change your passwords now. ~ link

Habitat for Humanity's new approach -- rehabbing foreclosed homes. I have some experience in that -- although ours was in good shape relative to everything else on the market. There are plenty more available on our street. ~ link

Squidoo is going to start funneling social content for those who want to pay $400/month. If your company is trying to manage its online image this may be a worthwhile investment -- assuming consumers will drop in, too. Otherwise it sounds like it's just another aggregater. ~ link

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