Thursday, September 24


The marshmallow test. All the kids held out longer than I could have done. Impulse control was not (is not?) one of my strengths.

Tim Stafford writes in appreciation of NT Wright ~ link (via)

• I did a double-take to see if the article on Honda's Segway-challenger was in the Onion. But the newspaper pictures had just made it look more uncomfortable than I'm sure it is. People mover technology continues to get closer to functional. ~ link

Rick Mansfield reviews Mosaic ~ link

• "Stephen Harper has received some flack for his decision to skip Barack Obama's address to the UN on climate change, in favour of a photo op at the Tim Hortons Innovation Centre." ~ link

I want you to know that most Americans are deeply offended by Stephen Harper's presidential shun.  We're also wondering who he is. Did anyone other than Canadians notice he was AWOL? Did someone say something about donuts? ...Well, whoever he is, he can't be all bad -- even if he disses the big O.

You're never more than 145 miles away from a McDonald's in the US. (link) Hmmmm? I know some stretches of road in Utah and Nevada that seem like they're more than 145 miles from anything.

• We lived with Dave & Joyce Owen a few times during our Guam transitions -- and so we know the frustration of the mud road to their house. But there are signs that things may be changing.

• Kara Powell's Leadership Journal article on age segmentation in the church (and why it is a dysfunctional and outdated concept) is now online.

Happiness Lodge, PIBC grad currently at seminary in California, has posted some homegrown Chuukese music. This is the sound of the Western Pacific -- in 2009. Are we feeling a little homesick?

• If you're trying to help someone understand the basics of how the internet works this new, free, and online Alison course might be good.

700 people living in flood tunnels under Las Vegas? Sounds risky. ~ link

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Bill Kinnon said...

Harper knows that Timmy's can save the world! One double-double @ a time!