Monday, September 28


• The planners are trying to figure out what the Phoenix area will look like in 2050 -- possible scenario: 8 million people with 400 miles of new highways and 320 miles of new railed transit. There is a lot to noodle on in this AZ Republic story.

Global food production will need increase 70% by 2050 to meet the needs of the world at that time. ~ link

Guam is now under a Tropical Storm Watch -- and condition 3 readiness -- i.e. 48 hour warning for big storm. IOW, take down the canopy, lubricate the storm shutters, fill the water bottles, and pick up a few more cans of Spam. I do miss that place -- never a dull moment in the middle of nowhere. ~ link

"The mythology we have is that people used to spend whole days hanging around community -- like the bar at Cheers," (Dr Barry) Wellman says. "They didn't. They stayed home. If we switch from television to social networking sites, it's a switch toward sociability -- not away from it." ~ link
Quotable: "I'd rather coach 1000 radical pastors with churches of 100 each, than pastor a church of 100,000 any day!.." ~ Rick Warren

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