Small, Clustered, Multiplying Churches -- A still half-baked proposal for planting smaller churches.


Samples of my older sermons can be found on the database. Newer sermons can be found at Fresh Fish Food.

Brad's Simple System of Sermon Preparation -- handout for my introduction to preaching students


Getting Started: A Church Planting Handbook for Laypeople -- Step-by-step guidebook for laypeople involved in new church development. Third revision.

What Sunday Is This? -- Originally appearing in the Covenant Companion, November 1994. Introduction to the concept of using the calendar as a means of conveying the gospel message. The Christian year.

From the Pulpit -- Turlock Journal column, 26 April 1997. Modern ecumenical movement and the dating of Easter.

The Real Business of Ministry: Report from the Covenant Ministerium -- Originally published in the Covenant Companion, August 2000.

Ministering to One Another -- Originally published in the Covenant Companion, August 2001. Report on the Covenant Ministerium.


Three Views on Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism edited by James Stamoolis

One with God by Veli-Matti Karkkainen

The Church in Emerging Culture: Five Views edited by Leonard Sweet

The Conviction of Things Not Seen edited by Todd Johnson

The Younger Evangelicals by Robert E. Webber

What Does the Bible Really Say About Hell? by Randy Klassen

Natural Church Development by Christian A. Schwarz

Paradigm Shift in the Church How Natural Church Development Can Transform Theological Thinking by Christian A. Schwarz

ChurchNext by Eddie Gibbs


Wendell Zink -- parable on forgiveness