Wednesday, March 4

Does this change your opinion of climate change?

Attn: leaders

The harder you have to push to get it through, the less effective it will be.

Tuesday, March 3

Loop 202

This is an overview of the new freeway loop which will for better or worse connect our village of Laveen more tightly into the greater Phoenix traffic grid.

Wednesday, February 11

Oh, the Dutch and their bikes

My friend Jim Stanley-Erickson put me onto this new Dutch invention -- a treadmill bike. Looks zippy.

Tuesday, February 3

Friday, January 30

Immigrants to the rescue

Immigrants shouldn't just be tolerated -- but welcomed with open arms. We need them as much as they need us.

Wednesday, January 28

Some cops get it

And he operates from a bike, too. It doesn't get much better than that.

Wednesday, January 21

"Shame is like a negative public rating..."

Jayson Georges has a great follow-up to Honor & Shame 101. This is critical stuff for anyone whose work or life puts them in any kind of cross-cultural contact. And while the Honor & Shame 201 video is specifically aimed at those involved in cross-cultural Christian ministry I would think that there is a lot adaptable in here for others.

Adagio in G minor

Luna Lee successfully stretches herself to perform a gayageum rendition of the popular Adagio. Deep emotion.