Monday, April 14

Pallets for transitional housing

I love the practicality and creativity -- that something significant can be done on the grassroots level to assist people in crisis -- without a lot of bureaucracy. And it involves recycling (upcycling)!

See the I-BEAM Architecture and Design story

Friday, March 28

Glory Be to the Father

This is my new simple arrangement of the "Gloria Patri" or "Lesser Doxology." Here are the chords:

(C) Glory be to the Fath(G)er
To the (F)Son and to the Spir(Am)it
As it (C) was in the beginn(G)ing
It is (F) now and so sh(Am)all (G)be
(Am)World without (c)end. A-men. (G)A-(C)men.

Tuesday, March 25

Airport delight

My favorite airport is Changi in Singapore. It is so totally opposite of boring. And this flash mob verifies my impression.

Saturday, March 22

Santana-Smooth -- Luna Lee on the Gayageum

Can't help but post Luna Lee's latest. She has incredible fingers -- and carries herself with focused style.