Friday, January 30

Immigrants to the rescue

Immigrants shouldn't just be tolerated -- but welcomed with open arms. We need them as much as they need us.

Wednesday, January 28

Some cops get it

And he operates from a bike, too. It doesn't get much better than that.

Wednesday, January 21

"Shame is like a negative public rating..."

Jayson Georges has a great follow-up to Honor & Shame 101. This is critical stuff for anyone whose work or life puts them in any kind of cross-cultural contact. And while the Honor & Shame 201 video is specifically aimed at those involved in cross-cultural Christian ministry I would think that there is a lot adaptable in here for others.

Adagio in G minor

Luna Lee successfully stretches herself to perform a gayageum rendition of the popular Adagio. Deep emotion.

Monday, January 12

Eichler Homes

As a child I often went after school to play with friends at their homes. Several of them lived in the "Eichler houses." Most people in our very conventional San José, California neighborhood thought that the Eichlers were weird. But I really loved them. And as I look back on it now this is perhaps where I formulated my idealized house (which I've never owned or even tried to build) which totally blurs the lines between the inside and the outside.

Sunday, January 11

Living Small -- Tiny House Documentary

The just released _Living Small -- Tiny House Documentary_ is pretty inspiring. Even if you're not interested in actually building your own tiny house there is a lot to be learned from these young thinkers and innovators. I can see this becoming a mainstream option in the not-so-distant future.

Saturday, January 10


My grandfather was from Värmland -- which is west Sweden and not so north. It borders Norway and some people have suggested that Värmland is more Norwegian than Swedish. He used to do an intonation similar to the one described in this video. It involved sucking in air. He used it to indicate positive approval. It was kind of like a ja without the vocalization. But it was not the same as the sound made in the video by the Swedes who live in Umeå. I don't hear Grandpa's style of intonation so much in modern Swedish speakers but I have heard it in a few other older immigrant speakers. For all I know they could have all picked it up in Minnesota.

Thursday, January 8

Honor and Shame 101

I really really love this 5-minute crash course in the concept of honor and shame. We Westernized Christians struggle to grasp this notion -- and rarely see it even when it's right in front of us -- even in the Bible.

Monday, January 5

What is the gift economy?

I'm glad that my island and Asian friends cut me a lot of slack when it comes to gifts. Sometimes I figure out how to respond but this has been one of the most difficult cross-cultural skills for me to master.