Saturday, October 4

Our famous son

Our oldest son loves his job at Glassdoor. And now they've made him famous (sorta'). He shows up at minute 1:52 in their newest promotional video.

Wednesday, October 1

20ft off-grid Kiwi container home

Incredible creativity -- off-grid -- entire house is running on 12-volt power. Beautifully done.

Thursday, September 25

Desert gardening

I learn a lot from John Kohler -- even when he's not talking desert gardening. This episode, featuring the home and gardens of April Asher, is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sunday, September 14

The Roslings on global knowledge

Hans Rosling is always fun and engaging. His son, Ola, is a chip off the old block.

Friday, September 12

Coke bicycle project

Yes, it's a Coca-Cola commercial. But you've got to give them credit when they give back to the community in ways that potentially make a real difference. Coca-Cola has a long history of identification with bicycles -- Coke branded bikes, bike networks, bike sharing sponsorship... This particular endeavor is a partnership with South Africa's Wildlands Conservation Trust, which already has a huge bicycle program of its own.