Thursday, May 21

Bladeless wind turbine

I keep thinking about this "windmill" design and I can imagine fields of these devices dancing in the wind. This is really innovative and has the potential to capture the imaginations of both artists and the engineers. Read the article.

Tuesday, May 12

Lean living

I've been anticipating this documentary. It's two hours long so I'll be watching it in segments. No rush.

Rule-bending builders are attempting to construct smarter homes better suited to the current situation.

Thursday, April 30

Rebuilding the Arizona food system

MasterPiece Church, Cheryl, and I are involved in redistributing the Borderlands Food Bank produce into our community. Wonderful 8 minute documentary.


Friday, April 10


When cutting through the jungle,
if you stop to swat every
annoying mosquito that 
buzzes your head, 
you'll soon be sucked dry.