Monday, August 24

Advertising feeding collective Stockholm syndrome

The articulate Dr Jacob √Ėstberg, professor of Advertising & PR at F√∂retagsekonomiska institutionen, Stockholms Universitet (Stockholm University, School of Business), calls us to be more scrutinizing of the impact of advertising on culture.

Monday, August 17

"Tiny Chapel"

Great option for an unconventional church which might occasionally need a "building" for special occasions such as weddings.

Monday, August 3

Sunday, July 19


I do love Guam -- and its people! But there is more to "Only on Guam" than the Guam Visitors Bureau reveals. It is probably the quirkiest place I've lived -- but maybe that's why I feel so at home there. I think, though, that the island is rapidly improving. Each time I return (I shoot for twice a year) it is noticeably cleaner and greener. There are more health care options and the infrastructure seems more stable. AND they are getting better at promoting themselves. Guam runs on tourism -- but the beaches never feel overcrowded. Enjoy the video.


Monday, June 29