Thursday, January 20


Dr Dobson has a accused the SpongeBob SquarePants people of using their cartoon character to promote a pro-homosexual agenda. Whether SpongeBob is involved in such behavior or not I can't say. The evidence seems otherwise. However, while we're discussing that little instrument of the devil, I suspect that he's being used by the neck-tie industry which is trying to introduce children (in a subliminal way) to a product which has been demonstrated to cause glaucoma, optical nerve damage, and carotid arteries -- resulting in atherosclerosis and possible stroke. (And on top of that, recent studies have shown that physicians who wear neckties are harboring dangerous levels of bacteria on their apparel.) When children see SpongeBob skipping around while wearing a tie it is possible that they are receiving a dangerous message. Just take a look at his eyes!

See related BBC story from two years ago.

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