Tuesday, January 18

Rolling Stone magazine has rejected advertising from the Zondervan Corporation, which is launching the TNIV translation of the Bible next month. Zondervan wants to put its message in front of people who wouldn't typically be Bible readers.

Apparently the line that triggered the rejection was "Timeless truth, today's language." To make a truth claim was too much for the magazine.
Welcome to the postmodern world of toleration for everything except truth claims.

Actually, I can understand where the magazine is coming from. If enough
Rolling Stones readers ended up buying Bibles and taking the message seriously, the magazine's circulation could be negatively impacted or the readers could start publicly challenging the philosophical suppositions which drive the publication. This was an act of self-preservation on the part of the magazine.

Meanwhile, Zondervan is getting all kinds of free publicity generated by newspaper coverage of the rejection. Sometimes things just "work out" that way.

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