Tuesday, February 15

Cheryl and I both take Tuesdays off-- a wonderful luxury which we appreciate -- a day off together. So, for example we can commiserate together when we go to get our teeth cleaned -- as we both did this morning. Fortunately, after the hygentists got done abusing our mouths we went to the Indian Bistro (3125 McHenry, Modesto) for lunch. Fantastic.

After that Cheryl humored me and I looked at a few places for a new laptop. The old machine is held together by tape and suffers from the an occasional Windows blue screen of death. I ended up buying an HP with an Anthlon 64 processor and the brite 15.4 inch widescreen -- all of which is light years ahead of the last machine purchased four years ago for about twice the price. So, while Cheryl put the finishing touches on all our tax returns (yes, the children's and ours -- state and federal -- all done two months early -- she's the best!) I spent the evening setting up the new machine and transferring programs off the old laptop. All in all we've accomplished an incredible amount today. Some days you feel like nothing gets done -- but others make up for those days.

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