Tuesday, December 6

Megachurches blasted
Asbury Seminary professor Ben Witherington lets the megachurches which canceled Christmas services have it -- from both barrels.

Michael Spencer summarizes, "The issue here is capitulation to the culture."

Mazda to employees: Walk to work
Japanese automaker Mazda Motor Corporation is asking its employees leave their cars at home and to walk to work -- to improve their health and protect the environment. Walkers are eligible to receive a 1,500 yen ($12) /month "Eco-walk commutation allowance." Yamaha Motor Company introduced a similar program a year ago.

St Nick
St Nick
Today is the feast day of St Nicholas of Myra -- aka Santa Claus. His story -- sans the North Pole bit.

"Organized networks..."
The future of blogging? I have not yet been approached about affiliation with a "network" -- O, well...

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