Thursday, September 28


Mennonite farming...Small family farms are thriving -- if they operate with a different set of values that most farmers are unlikely to adopt.

...Scot McKnight is doing a multi-post review of RT France's book Women in the Church's Ministry.

...¡Viva Border Volleyball! The world's first game of international border volleyball on the beach where the US and Mexico meet.

...Zion Church, a Sheboygan, Wisconsin congregation that left the UCC, has voted to join the Covenant. What a great addition to the mission.

...Christianity Today's article on the recent rise in Calvinism among American young people is now online. I don't see this type of Reformed McSpamtheology as particularly healthy. It tends to be locked into an overly rigid system -- and if something doesn't fit it gets squeezed in anyway.

...I've added new pictures of my classes and some other campus activity to our Guam blog.

...McSpam -- It's in English but it's definitely an Asian menu. I took this picture at the Tamuning McDonald's a few days ago. For some reason Spam is a very hot item on Guam. The Cost-U-Less has pallets and pallets of it. And it comes in a lot of different flavors.

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