Saturday, November 25


Restaurant quality logo...Cultural shift: The ads on television used to say that the soup they were selling tastes "homemade." Now they say it's "restaurant quality." Homemade has become such a foreign concept.

...Just like watching TV in Turlock -- I can watch AssyriaVision on the Internet -- not that I was going through extreme withdrawal. I wonder if there are any Assyrians living on Guam. They make great neighbors.

...I took the CIA personality test and it appears that I might have a future with the company -- although I suspect that the test is rigged and that no matter how you respond to the questions your type might be what they're looking for. Hopefully the enemies of the free world don't figure out how very desperate the CIA must be that they'd put together such a goofy online gimmick to try and attract employees. (I know that I shouldn't make fun of the CIA but I'm sure they must already have a file on me. Sometimes when I answer my cell phone I think other people are listening in but I can never get a good enough connection to say anything incriminating.)

...Washing machines on Guam tend to rust away before they breakdown. Can you imagine why? It's still raining here on the fringes of Tropical Depression 24 W -- which now has a name, Tropical Storm Durian. It shouldn't be a major problem on Guam -- other than a lot of standing water. However, on Ulithi and Yap they're probably battening down the hatches -- although they've all seen worse -- much worse. The picture was taken on our back patio during this afternoon's downpour.
washing machine in the rain

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