Thursday, June 14


Ruth Bell Graham~ Ruth Bell Graham is known as a gracious and godly woman with a sense of humor. She kept her husband focused. Now her shift on earth is done.

(It appears that the traffic on her memorial website is putting a little strain on the server. That should be interpreted as a sign of respect.)

~ According to the FBI there are now over 1 million computers infected with the type of malicious spyware that is used to send out spam and attack other computers -- "botnets."

~ Trinity Lutheran College (formerly Lutheran Bible Institute of Seattle) is moving from suburban Issaquah to downtown Everett, Washington. Interesting. Part of it is that they want a more urban setting.

~ New study: People with college education are more likely than others to hold on to their faith.

~ Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is going to offer a degree in Christian homemaking for pastor's wives. No, I didn't get this from

~ I'm going to Singapore for a meeting next week. I'm also hoping to pick up a little Anything? or some Whatever?

~ Quotable: ...In other words, God is anything but "meaningful," "understandable," or "intelligible." And worship, if it is authentic worship of the biblical God, will, at some level, remain incomprehensible. Worship that enables us to encounter the living God should leave worshippers a bit stupefied; they should leave their pews, pump the minister's hand, and enthusiastically blurt out, "I didn't understand large portions of the service. Thank you!"
-- Mark Galli

As usual, though, this is only part of the story. Through the incarnation God made himself comprehensible. How he did that is a incomprehensible.

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Melissa Heck said...

Hey Bring some Anything or Whatever back to Guam for me. ;o)

Enjoy your trip Brad.