Sunday, August 26

Random -- XXL

~ Because of global intermingling redheads might become extinct in 100 years -- unless, of course, people with the proper genetic combination see it as their procreative duty to preserve the species -- more fun than cloning. I'm not terribly worried. (via)

~ More global reshuffling: Massive new Hindu temple in Atlanta area -- $19 million

~ International Herald Tribune: "...just as the speed and scale of China's rise as an economic power have no clear parallel in history, so its pollution problem has shattered all precedents. Environmental degradation is now so severe, with such stark domestic and international repercussions, that pollution poses not only a major long-term burden on the Chinese public but also an acute political challenge to the ruling Communist Party."

And I might add that they're a major burden on those of us who are downwind of them at various times of the year. Their toxins are more dangerous than their missiles. Unfortunately, those of us in the industrialized West aren't exactly in the moral position to press the Chinese to clean-up their act.

~ I've been fighting a cold (or a cold-like allergy flare-up) for the past few days -- the first one since arriving on Guam a year ago. I did have the flu for a weekend about six months ago. But that's pretty much it. It's been a healthy transition.

~ If he's not dead, there is "something there" -- new intelligence regarding rumors of Fidel Castro's death. Well, someday the rumors will have to be true. Whether this is the day remains to be seen. Once Castro dies the Bush administration will have the political freedom to begin to re-establish a relationship with Cuba. It's been Cuban-Americans, with their insistence on isolationistic policies, which have kept the US from influencing Cuban policy in a positive direction. Cuba is on my "hope to visit someday" list.

~ Bookmark: Online comic strip generator for people who can't draw. This won't do you any good if you lack imagination.

~ Rudy Carrasco musing on the need for more immigrants to help out in the service sector. He's a smart guy.

~ NY Times: "The median price of American homes is expected to fall this year for the first time since federal housing agencies began keeping statistics in 1950." Expected drop is 1-2%. Buy low...

~ Blogger now has a short-cut button for adding video to blog posts. I just don't have any video that I want to post or I would.

~ Something new -- 6 billion trillion miles of emptiness

~ Korea Times is reporting that the Taliban has agreed to release the 19 hostages.

~ The emerging competitiveness in the emerging church movement. If you're not yet postmodern you might want to attend the Catalyst conference. Duluth, Georgia isn't anywhere near the Bahamas or San Diego but there is a $10 discount.

The whole conference promotion business is so fertile for cynicism that I sometimes find it hard to resist.

~ Steven Evans has been looking at the list of senior pastor openings in the Evangelical Covenant Church -- pretty short list these days. So he got me looking at the list, too (with him in mind). And the thing which jumped out at me is that so many of our ministry opportunities are in rural and small town America when so much of the population of the world seems to be shifting to urban centers. We have a lot of catching up to do.

~ Next time I'm flying Singapore -- a PC in every seat in their new planes. Well, I'd actually like to have more leg room than a bunch of electronics -- but a PC would be a distant second on my list.

~ Water is such a hot commodity in California that they're moving toward desalinization -- generally a fairly expensive process. (NPR audio)

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