Wednesday, August 1


~ Even the Chinese are more fuel efficent that the US. Ouch.

~ Texas pastor Brady Boyd is the candidate to become the pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, succeeding Ted Haggard. With a name like Brady Boyd he's probably a great pastor. :-)

~ "The Freaky Origins of Christian Rock" in Slate -- doesn't even mention Larry Norman -- not even in passing. They missed the boat on that one.

~ Oh, Canada! The number of US citizens moving to Canada is at a 30-year high. And we don't even have the draft anymore! Of course, there are still more Canadians moving to the US than Americans moving to Canada. This needs to be seen as a part of a greater global trend -- people are just moving around a lot right now. It's as though the global deck is being reshuffled.

~ "10 reasons to throw away your cell phone." Obviously, this guy doesn't live on Guam where the #1 reason is that they don't work half the time anyway.

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