Monday, August 13


~ has now launched Facebook Church. I suppose someone had to do it.

~ Decline of English language skills in the Philippines = decline in economic opportunity

~ Robert Dynes is resigning next summer from his position as president of the University of California. Sorry, Gov Schwarzenegger, I'm not interested in the job at this time.

~ There will soon be 15,000 new jobs available on Guam. Just don't expect competitive US wages -- unless you're working directly for the US government. The Philippines will benefit the most.

~ 2 Korean hostages released -- 19 left.

~ Tropical Storm Sepat is now Typhoon Sepat but is now enough west of us that we're unaffected. We have plenty of rain this week without it! Projections have Sepat hitting Taiwan.

~ I'm an Afrigadget fan. They're trying to do some expansion and redesign.

~ People are spending more of their online time -- reading. Is the written word making a comeback (they keep telling us that postmodern people prefer images over words) or are people simply spending more time online, thus changing the ratios?

~ DVDs targeted to toddlers may delay language development, according to a new study. Is there something about the media itself that slows down the development or is it because parents expect the tube to do their job for them and unconsciously reduce interaction with their babies? More studies on the way, I suspect.

~ You should be able to get a really really good deal on a PDA right now. The market is in a dive.

Eugene Cho and North Park Theological Seminary's Max Lee got some ink in CT regarding the Korean missionary situation. (Just a little Covenant plug)

~ The reinforcements arrived this evening on flight #1. I'll sleep better tonight.

~ Hotmail storage is now at 5 gigs -- compared to Gmail's 2.89 gigs.

~ More rising numbers. This year 32% of Americans will opt for cremation.

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