Sunday, September 23


~ Steve Sjogren ("Conspiracy of Kindness" -- "Outflow") is starting a new church in the Tampa area.

~ There is apparently a new version of Gmail in the pipe. logo~ now has an extremely slow, 5k, music stream that is optimized for mobile phones or for areas in the world with low bandwidth. While I am blessed with fairly decent bandwidth there are lots of places out here in the middle of the Pacific where low bandwidth streaming is a necessity. Thanks Air1!

~ Quote of the day: "The second mouse gets the cheese."

~ Cheryl was cleaning out my old desk from home, which is now her desk at PIBC, and she found my stash of Canadian money -- $4.40 total. I figure that it was worth about $3.52 US the last time I was in Canada. Now it's worth $4.40 US -- pretty good investment. Now I have to figure someway to get back to Canada so I can spend it. What can you buy in Canada for $4.40 these days?

~ One Laptop Per Child -- "Give 1 Get 1" -- great way to give locally and globally -- especially if you're into Shrek green -- available in November1 laptop per child

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