Saturday, September 29


~ Some of the people standing around after worship this morning asked, "Did you feel that?"

I didn't.

Then we learned this evening that some of our PIBC colleagues have been receiving phone calls and emails from friends in Germany and the US wondering if they're alright following the massive earthquake on Guam that received such extensive media coverage.

Well, I'm happy to report that I'm alright, too, -- I think -- but it's possible that I'm in complete denial because of the trauma I should be having -- except that I didn't feel it -- really. Maybe I will next time -- if I notice -- the ground is constantly moving here -- just like living in the Bay Area.

~ The rest of the Sorensons arrived early this morning.

~ Virtually every church movement everywhere which has adopted residential schools of any type for their exclusive source of pastoral candidates has slowed, stopped, or even declined in growth. At the same time, virtually every church movement everywhere that is rapidly growing selects its pastoral leaders later in life and may not effectively train them, maybe not at all. -- The always provocative Ralph Winter, arguing for a more integrated holistic approach to leadership formation in his recent article Twelve Frontiers of Perspective. Even if you think the guy is out in left-field this is an essential read.

~ "A mass giveaway of free mosquito nets has almost halved child deaths from malaria in high-risk areas of Kenya."

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Unknown said...

You followed your comments about the earth quake with the reference to Church movement. I guess there was lots of church movement at LCG on Sunday :)
Couldn't help myself Brad - had to comment on that one.
Continue to appreciate your blog and miss you all.