Tuesday, October 2


~ New St Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho was featured in the NY Times education section because of their "classical approach." As one alumnus put it, “We want to be medieval Protestants.” I might toss in "hyper-Reformed" as an additional descriptor. I appreciate their willingness to function outside the box -- and to do it well.

~ Scot McKnight is doing an extended review of Stanton Jones and Mark Yarhouse’s book Ex-Gays?

~ Growing "happiness gap" between men and women


Beth B said...

Isn't "medieval protestant" an oxymoron? Medieval philosophers were either Platonists or Aristotelians--but both held that there are universals. Reformed Protestant theology is a Renaissance phenomenon that is inherently nominalist. So how can you both hold that there are universals and that there are no universals (nominalism)?

IMO their definition of medieval is limited to the 13th century, which is like saying Classical Greece is all about Hellenism (or everything after the fall of Athens!) Lots of the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater. Just another example of postmodern pick-and-choose.

Beth B said...

oops--strike 13th century; I meant 14th century!