Thursday, October 4


Typhoon Krosa~ Typhoon Krosa, which was born as a sweet little tropical depression just north of our part of the big pond, is now a category 4 storm (super typhoon) steaming toward Taiwan.

~ Krosa is the Cambodian word for crane. Storm names are assigned from a list of names submitted by the nations in this part of the world and adopted by the Typhoon Committee for the Western North Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea.

~ Steve Sjogren and his team are spending over $1 million to launch the CoastlandTampa church.

~ So, this afternoon I went to the Toyota dealer to buy a side mirror to replace the one that the hit-and-run drive took off our car -- $240. They'll ship it in and it will be here in "10-14 business days." Ouch.

~ This afternoon I also realized that all three of our auto crack-ups (A few months ago Cheryl slide into another car on wet pavement; then later, as a result of that mishap, the hood popped up smashing the front windshield, and now the hit-and-run side-swipe) have all occurred on the Backroad to Andersen. Of course, that is the road we're on more than any other.

~ Cheryl happened across a link for a Guamanian cuisine restaurant in Tempe, Arizona. While I'm en route to some meetings in Atlanta and South Carolina I'm planning to be in Tempe to visit my parents for a few days in November. I'll have to look it up.

~ My opinion of Best Buy has gone up a notch.

~ Priest sued over sermon (Warning: If you're easily upset at people doing stupid things, don't click on the link.)

~ Wal-Mart has surpassed its florescent light bulb sales goals -- in a major way. If it's happening on the Wal-Mart level the trend has become mainstream American. The negative "tree-hugger" associations with environmentally friendly products is history.

~ Bookmark: Top 10 Wi-Fi boosts, tweaks, and apps

~ Scot McKnight continues with his review of ExGays?

~ UC Berkeley lectures now available on YouTube. (Betsy, now you don't even have to GO to class.) I suppose there must not be much class interaction with the professor if the experience can be reduced to YouTube.

~ Interesting. There is a functioning Western Rite Orthodox church in Oklahoma City that isn't a part of the Antiochian jurisdiction. St Benedict is actually a bi-liturgy parish serving both the Byzantine Divine Liturgy and the Western Rite liturgy approved by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1872.

~ Today is International Bloggers' Day for Burma. It's time.

Free Burma!

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