Friday, October 5


~ The International Bible Society has a daily Bible reading system which will take you through the Bible in a year. You can choose from the NIV, TNIV, NIrV, KJV, and NLT translations. Then you can set an RSS feed. So, for example mine goes directly to my Google Reader. This is just one more way to read for breadth.

Lego pumpkin~ Do something creative this Halloween

~ GE is laying off workers as it speeds the contraction of its incandescent-bulb business

~ The New Me Generation (Boston Globe article) -- We're looking to their narcissistic chutzpah to save the economy.

"Our naivete enables us to try things that previous generations haven't tried in the history of humanity," says one Harvard senior, "But it often builds resentment among the older managers, who resent these young self-important kids who arrive on the scene and want to take the fast track without putting in their time."

container houseI wonder if this isn't what irks so many of the Boomers in the church with the whole Emergent movement.

~ A $500 birthday benefit from the US government?

~ As the proud owner of a 40-foot shipping container, which is protecting our stuff in California, I'm fascinated by the whole shipping container architectural movement. After all, we may have to live in the container when we eventually move back to the States. :-) Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

~ More help if you want to take Puppy Linux for a walk

~ Sunbelt universities are scrambling to keep up with the growth. Arizona State University is leading the way. Wow, I couldn't find a parking place there when we were only 40,000 students. What's it going to be like with 90,000?

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