Friday, October 12


~ David Neff has a fine summary of recapitulation theology and why it is becoming the primary atonement explanation of many contemporary evangelicals. It's big picture and holistic.

~ Brad Nassif has a podcast interview with Scot McKnight on the same subject. It's "Simply Orthodox -- 8."

~ "While American universities are pushing freshmen to bring computers in order to stay connected to university and home life, universities in China are discouraging it." Apparently Chinese freshman are seen as lacking in self-control which makes them prone to online gambling and endless gaming.

~ The WTO wants to fine the US $100 billion for banning online gambling. That would be an interesting gambling debt to try to collect. Dream on.

~ The TNIV is more literal than the NIV -- "More literal" in and of itself doesn't necessarily mean more accurate. The strength of the TNIV is that it does a phenomenal job in balancing literalness, accuracy, and communication. It is currently the best "general use" Bible translation in American English.

Smokey the Bear~ One more excuse for chocolate

~ Vanity Zip Codes -- Saks Fifth Avenue now has one. Personalized zip codes aren't totally new, though. I think Smokey the Bear has had 20250 since sometime in the 1950's. He's a lot more interesting than Saks.

~ Gmail storage will be up to 6 gigs by January. I should be able to hold out until then -- easily. Thanks to you I'm currently at 48%.

~ New York City is experimenting with bike lanes which are separated from the flow of traffic by parked cars. Creative.

~ Greg Boyd is rocking the boat again. This time he's questioning the emerging orthodoxy that sees the gospel as centered on themes related to justice.

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Beth B said...

Looks like Greg Boyd has been reading Alisdair MacIntyre's "Whose Justice, Which Rationality?" He better be careful or else he might be swimming the Tiber with a lot of other former evangelicals! (grin) MacIntyre flirted with Thomism and wound up converting about twenty years ago...