Monday, October 15


~ Escalon Covenant Church in Escalon, California is moving forward with the home they are building for adults with developmental disabilities, autism, and Down syndrome. This is a great church that was on the verge of closing 25 years ago -- now vibrant, growing, and serving.

~ The nation's first baby boomer applied for US Social Security benefits yesterday -- the rush is on!

~ Not that most of you care, but Gmail added some capacity to my account today (up to nearly 3.4 gigs). I went from 48% to 43%. Thank you, Google.

~ "Advent Bible Blitz" -- read the whole thing in 7 weeks! I suppose the guy figured he couldn't squeeze the whole Bible into the regular four weeks of Advent -- still I admire his determination. Starts tomorrow. Does this mean Christmas is only 7 weeks away?

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