Tuesday, October 30


~ Encyclopedia entries -- including those in wikipedia -- are unacceptable sources for term papers and any post-elementary school academic writing. But zoology professor Martha Groom at the University of Washington-Bothell has students writing wikipedia entries in lieu of term papers. Talk about innovative and creative!

~ Quotable: For some time I’ve believed that Mainline Protestantism is in trouble because we provided people with the theological rationale not to go to church. We gave them a theology of secularity. Hadaway and Roozen seem to agree. Church cannot be a sanctified form of Rotary. We must clearly, intentionally, relentlessly be determined to be a place where we meet God and God in Jesus Christ meets us. -- William Willimon the blogging UMC bishop

~ Rich Mouw connects the dots between Halloween and the Reformation

~ Free academic lecture on witchcraft

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