Friday, November 2


~ Which is a higher Christian priority -- social concern or evangelism? Which is a higher priority -- to live out the gospel or to proclaim it? Which is a higher priority -- to love God or to love people? Which is a higher priority -- to pray or to read your Bible? Which is a higher priority -- to send missionaries or to reach your local community?

Do you remember when they told you in school that "there is no such thing as a stupid question"? They were wrong.Bee Movie

~ I want to see the Bee Movie.

~ Robert Schuller the Younger continues to do and say things which suggest that he's not just a clone of his father. He has his own voice -- so to speak.

~ Biblical Seminary now has an online certificate in "missional studies." (.pdf) (via)

~ I needed a WiFi connection this afternoon so I could grade some homework. So I went to Quo Vadis Books down near ASU to use theirs. Quo Vadis is a student ministry center which is a bookstore and hang-out. While I was a student and before I went to seminary I worked at Quo Vadis talking with students and managing the inventory. It was good to be back in there (although they've changed locations) and to see that they are just as vital today as 28 years ago. The new light rail system that will connect Phoenix-Tempe-Mesa is under construction right in front of the store. Location. Location. Location.

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