Tuesday, November 13


~ The not so simple way to save the world from environmental and health disaster -- (1) get people out of their cars and walking for at a least a half-hour everyday (2) eat less meat. -- Link

~ I'm already disappointed. When they first started talking about Home Depot coming to Guam they were saying that it was going to be the largest in the world. Now it seems that the store which opens on Thursday will only be the second largest Home Depot in the world. So much for bragging rights. :-) -- Link

~ Evangelical-Mormon Dialogue -- John Morehead is musing on the ramifications of the "disparity of concern" -- Link

~ I spent some time yesterday walking around the crowded financial district of San Francisco -- hardly a suit or tie to be found anywhere. This place isn't totally crazy.

~ Kent, our #2 son, has some new pictures up -- Link

~ I'm traveling today -- flying from SFO to Narita (extreme outskirts of Tokyo) and then on to Guam. I should arrive very early Thursday morning Guam time. Hopefully no one is expecting me to show up for work -- or if I do show up that I'm going to be at all productive for a day or two. Flying west to Guam isn't nearly as difficult as flying east from Guam. In the past the jet lag adjustment hasn't been so bad.

~ Global Christian Forum -- new transnational paradigm for Christian unity -- Link

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Tony said...

Hope you had a good flight back :-)