Thursday, November 15


~ Martin Marty reviews the Economist's special report on religion. Quotable: A key (Peter) Berger line: "We made a category mistake. We thought that the relationship was between modernisation and secularisation. In fact it was between modernisation and pluralism." Because pluralism implies "choice," it becomes a major theme. The editors and the people they quote depict religious offerings almost on the model of a cafeteria line. It's a buyer's market, and both growth and vitality patterns pretty much follow the lines of those who package the most attractive offerings... -- Link

~ Uwe Siemon-Netto is seeking to return Luther's discussion of vocation and the two kingdoms to the table -- "Work Is Our Mission: Why the godly baker's most significant task is baking good bread"

~ Starting next Monday, mail sent through the US postal service to the FSM and the Marshalls will once again be handled at the domestic rate. -- Link

~ Making your life easier -- file for divorce online. What an advanced society we are. -- Link

~ Federal spending on Guam has increased 40% over the last 12 years. I'm bookmarking this story for the next time some local person whines about how poor Guam is being neglected by the US government. -- Link

~ Scot McKnight's brilliant Jesus Creed blog, which covers some of the weightiest and engaging topics in theology and culture is written on a "junior high" reading level. -- Link

Apparently, my blog is "college" level. I'm going to have to work on simplifying things -- perhaps start writing in complete sentences -- nah -- no fun doing that.

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