Friday, November 23


~ The American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature are divorcing -- and will from henceforth take separate vacations. It's really an indicator of a greater cultural split. -- Link

~ "Temples of Damanhur" -- stunning underground temples recently and secretly carved into an Italian Alps hillside -- bizarre and intriguing story -- Link (via)

~ The Wall Street Journal on the tithing controversy -- Link (via)

~ For those still lusting for a Mac -- step by step instructions for building your own Hackintosh -- your own Mac clone for less than $800. " -- "... If you can build a Lego set and transcribe text, you've got all the basic skills required." -- Link

~ Quotable: Young people witness some of the cheesy video and computer "art" in worship and they see it for what it is: kitsch. Stock clip art. Old-fashioned, 19th-century background images under song text: the sun shining on the Cross, running streams, baby faces -- all of the stereotypical images that say, "Christians are crummy artists and naive sentimentalists." To them, such kitsch is like handing out illustrated kids' Bibles to high school students and telling them that these images represent the depth of insight and excellence of the Christian faith. -- Quentin Schultze (via)

~ "pwan ianan" -- Happiness Lodge continues with Chuukese culture 101 -- Link

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Quentin Schultze said...

Dear Mr. Boydston:

Thanks for your comments about my interview regarding youth and worship. I started studying youth culture when our children were in middle school, eventually co-authoring a book on the topic that is still used in seminaries and beyond. More recently I wrote a book on using technology in worship that explored what churches expect to gain from PowerPoint and the like versus what they actually gain. The title of the latter is "High-Tech Worship?" You can find out more about my recent projects via:

Hope your teaching is going well.

Your blog is very impressive!

Best wishes,

Quentin Schultze