Thursday, November 29


~ Once again it looks like the TNIV is becoming an orphaned translation, at least on the web. It appears that Zondervan hasn't updated their TNIV site since last spring. And the International Bible Society hasn't done anything with their TNIV site since about 1932.

~ The mainland zoos are saving the rare birds of Guam. -- Link

~ Jules Glanzer, my church planting colleague from Texas (1990ish), has been named as the new president of Tabor College, his alma mater, in Hillsboro, Kansas. He is currently the dean of George Fox Evangelical Seminary in Portland, Oregon. -- Link

~ November 2007 pastoral changes in the Evangelical Covenant Church -- Link

~ Stan Friedman is featured on TitusOneNine. -- Link

~ But why would anyone WANT TO mount a flatscreen television to the tow hitch of a pickup truck? -- Link

~ There are indicators suggesting that overall the volume of spam is on the decline. Google is elated. But Yahoo thinks the volume of spam is still rising. -- Link

~ Jens & Karin Schulz, our PIBC colleagues from Germany, have started a blog -- in German. -- Link

~ The number of new Southern Baptist seminary graduates who are 5-point Calvinists is now at 29% (compared to 10% of the SBC ministers on a whole). Some SBC leaders are troubled by the trend because historically Calvinists in the convention have baptized fewer people and served smaller churches. -- Link

For better and worse, Southern Baptists have always had a strong pragmatic streak.

~ The next Dalai Lama could be chosen by a vote. If Hilary doesn't make it back into the White House she might consider that gig. -- Link

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