Wednesday, December 12


~ Happy Santa Lucia Day! Did anyone bring you warm buns and coffee in bed this morning? -- Link

~ Guam legislators had an oversight hearing this morning regarding, among other things, the Toyota Highlander provided by contract to the president of the University of Guam. I'm surprised that the members of the perk-laden Senate might consider the use of a SUV by a university president to be extravagant. -- Link

~ A week to 10 days before power is fully restored in Oklahoma. -- Link

I suppose our occasional power outages on Guam aren't so bad! At least we aren't in danger of hypothermia when it happens. Come on over. There's still some room on the island. The tradewinds are back -- warm, balmy, not overly humid -- perfect day -- so perfect that Cheryl and I decided to eat at the Jamaican Grill tonight so we could sit outside on the patio. So much for the suffering missionary image...

~ Ike Turner has died -- Link

~ Hanukkah ham -- someone has a sense of humor. -- Link

~ I just want to say one word to you - just one word... bioplastics. -- Link

Cheryl noticed in the grocery store the other day that the plastic container holding the spinach wasn't really plastic but a biodegradable plastic-like material made from corn.

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