Saturday, December 15


Joe Namath finally gets his BA~ We posted an update on our ministry blog -- Link

~ Our friend and PIBC colleague, Melissa Heck, just posted two video clips of our students doing a Micronesian stick dance. -- Link

~ Joe Namath returned to the University of Alabama, studied part-time over five years, and 42 years after dropping out to play pro-football, received his BA yesterday. If Joe can do it... -- Link

~ You could see this one coming -- and they got it out in time for the holidays -- a whole line of plush Teddy bears name "Muhammad" -- Link (via)

As one commenter on Metafilter put it "There's nothing more American than intentionally pissing people off."

~ Or perhaps there is something more American than in-your-face posturing. Operation Christmas Drop is one of the very cool things that the US Air Force does out here in the Western Pacific. Each year they parachute donated supplies -- tools, toys, medicine... -- to isolated Micronesian islands. This year three C-130 cargo planes manned by crews from Yokota Airbase in Japan will deliver 148 crates to 71 islands in five days -- the largest Christmas Drop in its 55-year history. -- Link

~ The Modesto Bee has a great article on
Mark Nakazono an Army chaplain who has served a couple of tours in the desert. Before the army Mark was the associate pastor at Turlock Covenant Church and a part of our pastors' cluster group. -- Link

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