Tuesday, December 18


Nokia 1611~ Why the Nokia 1611 is the only phone you'll ever need -- Link

I wonder if it comes with a red letter screen.

~ The top 10 foreign policy stories of 2007 that you probably didn't read in the news -- some fascinating trends -- including the beginning of global cyberwar. -- Link (via)

~ I gave my last exam this morning, finished up the grading tonight, and submitted my grades before 10 p.m. I feel good!

~ Uppsala businessman Oscar Diƶs has been given permission to open a youth hostel in a retired Jumbo Jet that will be parked by the entrance to the Stockholm airport. The plane has been sitting next to the airport's third runway unused since 2002. -- Link

Personally, I find it really difficult to sleep on planes.

~ Push button home built out of a cargo container -- expands in 90 seconds. -- Link

Not the most economical use of a container -- but novel. However, it would probably be easier to sleep in the plane.

~ For ex-pat Iowans -- (Hey, Sean, this one is for you!) -- a great way to enjoy Iowa without getting cold. -- Link

~ They're cleaning up the screwy board structure at ORU -- and Benny Hinn has lost his right to vote. That's a start. -- Link

Charles Wesley~ The Japanese are coming. -- Link

~ They were razzing me on campus today because I failed to mention John Wesley's 300th birthday yesterday. Well, the fact is that it was actually Charles Wesley's 300th birthday yesterday -- not John's. It's always difficult living in the shadow of a slightly more famous brother.

And, Charlie, I apologize for failing to mention your special day yesterday. Happy belated birthday to you! John would have never been able to do it without you.

~ Scot McKnight, Bears' fan and neo-anabaptist, can even turn a lost bet into an opportunity for theological exposition -- this time looking at John Calvin's section on infant baptism in the Institutes. -- Link

~ "The Skype Mobile Phone Will Blow Your Mind" -- Link (Hopefully working -- it's been having trouble -- otherwise check the FastCompany blog

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