Thursday, January 3

More Australian travel notes

~ Kings on McLoed is a wonderful restaurant with low visibility. If for no other reason Kings makes a trip to Cairns worth the while. I had a great steak last night.

~ Since so many of you have asked: the water drains clockwise.

~ Cairns seems a lot whiter than the States -- at least the places in the States we've been. Maybe other parts of Australia have more color.

~ Also, Cairns seems a lot more secular than what we're used to in the States or on the Islands. God and matters of the spirit seem further removed from everyday life. Maybe other parts of Australia are different.

~ In a nutshell: Australia is a tropical Canada. Both Canada and Australia should understand my massive generalization as a compliment.

~ The Great Barrier Reef is really the Great Barrier Reefs. We had a great time snorkeling at the reef we were at yesterday. It was beautiful -- reef structure is more elaborate and the fish are bigger than what we're used to. But the water on Guam is more aqua green and clear than down here.

~ Note to self: If I ever take up driving here, they don't turn left on red lights.

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