Monday, January 28

Online Bible Study Resources

Yesterday in our basic Bible study methods class I shared some online resources for simple Bible study research. I don't agree with everything on every site but there are a lot of good resources here. What would you add to the list? –

NExT Bible –

Biblegateway –

American Bible Society search –

New Living Translation –

Bible Map –

International Bible Society –

Blue Letter Bible –

How to Study the Bible –

Bible Resource Center –

Easy English Bible –

Precept Austin –

Learn the Original Languages:

Institute of Biblical Greek –

Hebrew for Christians –


Linda said...

For Original language I would add

They have free fonts so that I can type Greek and Hebrew into essays. The fonts come with a PDF file to show you where characters are on the keyboard.
There is also a computer flashcard program.


Linda said...

Oh Yeah,


That site allows me to search for a passage and look it up in many versions or other languages.