Tuesday, January 8


~ In case you have not yet received the word, 2008 is the "International year of the Potato" -- Link

~ A way to help out the situation in Kenya -- Link

~ The church MBA isn't really a new idea -- North Park Seminary/University does one -- so does Eastern University. And some DMin degrees look a lot like an MBA in make-up. -- Link

~ It sounds like Young Life (which has been important in my life) is struggling with some definitions and approaches for the postmodern context -- Link

~ 44% of Americans say that, "Christians get on my nerves." Yet, there is still an amazing openness among "the hard-core unchurched to the message of God and Christianity." -- USA Link

~ Netscape Navigator -- the first real web browser will be terminated on February 1st -- RIP -- Link

~ Big Think -- YouTube with a brain -- NY Time Link -- BigThink.com

~ "Not one new indoor shopping mall will be built in America till at least 2009, compared to 5 built in 2005. In 2002 just 19% of U.S. retail purchases were made in malls, down from 38% in 1995." -- Link

More cultural shift in process...

~ Christian Century magazine has undergone a major redesign -- Link

~ The Catalyst Church -- Syracuse, New York church plant, website is up and running. -- Link

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preacherman said...

I find your post very interesting as well as your blog.
I will visit your blog regularly as I have added it to my favorites.
I would love for you to check out my blog and add to any discussion anytime.
I pray that God will bless you, your family and ministry this year in a powerful way.