Saturday, January 26


~ Washington Post: Why Guam leads the pack when it comes to military recruitment -- we've been a war zone and there aren't that many other opportunities. -- Link

~ In Arizona college students have to prove their legal status in the US in addition to their residency status. In Maricopa County (Phoenix/Tempe) 1,700 students have been denied in-state tuition because they were not able to prove that they were legally in the US. -- Link

~ In an effort to revitalize the surrounding area and give graduates a start in adulthood Dowling College is building post-student housing. This is an interesting concept in an era when lots of colleges are trying to get out of the student housing business. Keeping the graduates in the neighborhood should also keep the alumni association vital. -- Link

~ Interesting -- Ken Schenck has a post on the role of the Holy Spirit in Bible interpretation -- Sources of Truth: The Bible, the Church, and the Spirit

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Paul said...

Something tells me that Christians of every kind are likely to find evidence that their understanding of the Bible is the one inspired by the Holy Spirit.