Wednesday, January 30


~ We finally got the GoogleApps email live for the addresses this morning. PIBC staff at all the sites need to login to activate their accounts -- please. -- Link

~ I have a Fuller Seminary email account, too, and they switched over to GoogleApps this past weekend also -- in conjunction with Portico. -- Link

~ Firefox with Greasemonkey has a new Gmail Multiple HTML Signatures user script. -- Link

I haven't tried it. I want to because I'd like the multiple signatures option but I've found that every time I install a Greasemonkey-Gmail application it makes Gmail unstable -- and I end up crashing Firefox. I'll wait until Gmail comes up with something from their end. Hint. Hint.

~ Wristwatch sales declined 25% between 2003 and 2005 because people are using their mobile phones to tell the time. My phone is the main way I tell time -- but then again I haven't really worn a watch in over 25 years -- long before I carried a phone. However, the phone sure beats having to step outside to check the position of the sun. -- Link

~ On Guam Micro Mall is the place to welcome in the year of the rat! -- Link

~ Billions of entrepreneurs in China and India -- the competition has begun -- Link

~ Texas is on fire again -- Link

~ The Australian government plans to present an apology for the stolen generation of Aborigines -- Link

~ Yahoo is laying off 1,000 -- 7% of its workforce. Ouch. Is this a new bubble popping or residual from the last pop? -- Link


Sean Meade said...

weird. i run Greasemonkey everyday with no problem. wonder if it's a Vista problem ;-)

re: Yahoo: neither. just a company adrift. pretty standard.

Brad Boydston said...

Sean wrote: "i run Greasemonkey everyday with no problem. wonder if it's a Vista problem..."

Could be -- could very well be -- or maybe it's just an incompetent operator. %-)