Thursday, January 31


~ The visas for Jens and Karin have been approved! Yeah! -- Link

~ Philip Morris has something new and exciting -- "Among the new products in test phase is a hand-held electronic smoking device called the Heatbar, which emits less smoke than a regular cigarette." Thus -- less second hand smoke. So, only the smoker is poisoned. Very thoughtful and social conscious. -- Link

~ McDonald's Restaurants in the UK have launched an 'A-level' exam in their trainee program. Many universities use the A-levels, a kind of general education certificate, as a part of their entrance qualification. McJob to McEducation. -- Link

~ Guam may be too backwards to meet expectations of the Japanese tourists -- Link

I've kind of wondered about that -- what it is that the Japanese see in Guam? -- other than tropical weather and some great beaches? We're not as technologically sophisticated or polished as they are and I doubt that they're really looking for a get back to the simple life tourism experience.

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