Monday, February 11


Timothy Ruda, one of our PIBC students, has put together a music video with his song "The Creation." Timothy is Chuukese -- even though he grew up in Yap -- where his father is a pastor.

He sings his song in Chuukese. "God created everything and all things work together to glorify him... Let us be the light of the world and share about the goodness of his name from here to the end of the world..." (rough translation according to Timothy).

Most of the outdoor video is on the PIBC campus. -- Link

For the first time in 17 years (!) firefighters with the Guam Fire Department will be receiving promotions. -- Link

Michael Spencer, the InternetMonk: Let's get honest, there's no such thing as a non-denominational church. -- Link

You think that you've got trouble -- "Indonesian commuters riding on the roofs of trains will be sprayed with coloured liquid so that security officers can identify and arrest them, a report said on Saturday." -- Link

1,800 classic movies online -- You may need decent bandwidth to move some of these movies down the pipe. -- Link

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