Thursday, February 14


One BIG baby -- A Guam mother has given birth to a 14 lb, 5 oz baby -- one of the biggest babies ever born in the world. -- Link

I've put some video of the Palauan students singing in chapel this morning up on YouTube. -- Link

Cheap coffee making a comeback? -- Link

"Give us better preachers!" -- Link

Hmmm?... I've heard some awfully good preachers since I transitioned from local church pastoral ministry to Bible college ministry -- many of them are students!

Keep your grades up or you're locked out of the dorm -- Link

Linda is ticked at the M&M's people for using nudity on Australian television to sell candy. Do they do that elsewhere, too? I'm a bit out of the television loop these days. -- Link

Our nephew-by-marriage Matthew Brooks gets a seminary paper published. -- Link

My copy of Surprised by Hope arrived while I was in Chuuk. I'm ready for the read.

There were more than 1,000 blog posts in my Google Reader when I got back from Chuuk, so I skimmed through a few and then filed bankruptcy. I can't do everything I want to do.

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