Sunday, February 24


Now they're saying that the $1.2 billion Stealth Bomber that crashed a few miles from here on Saturday was really worth $2 billion. The $1.2 billion figure initially released was the list price. Apparently there were $800 million worth of upgrades.

Speaking of big bucks, Kirk finished paying off his student loan -- less than two years after graduation. We can't help but be proud parents.

Cheryl finished our tax returns yesterday so that she could submit Betsy's FAFSA on time. Only one more FAFSA and then we're done with that nonsense.

Under Stanford's new financial aid program students whose parents have an income of less than $100,000 will no longer pay tuition. If the parent's income is less than $60,000 the student will not be expected to pay tuition or contribute to the costs of room, board, or other school expenses. If you can get in it's significantly less than attending a publicly financed college or university. -- Link

I don't suppose we could talk Betsy into transferring from Cal to Stanford. There's probably not enough money in the world to get her to make that move.

Living off the grid in Arizona -- Link

Seabury-Western Seminary, one of 11 Episcopal Church USA seminaries, "will no longer offer the MDiv as a freestanding 3-year residential program. This does not preclude offering the MDiv in other formats." They're working on ways to help current students find other seminaries as they figure out whether they have an institutional future. The MDiv (master of divinity), a three-year master's degree, is the standard academic portion of pastoral formation in most US churches. -- Link

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