Friday, February 29


Happy Leap Day!

Canada's largest Anglican congregation has voted to leave the Anglican Church of Canada and hook up with another Anglican body based in South America. Among those taking part in the exodus is the great Reformed theologian (and man of peace and wisdom) J.I. Packer. -- Link

I scored a 62 on Scot McKnight's hermeneutics quiz -- meaning I'm a "moderate" -- no big surprise to anyone. -- Link

1 in 100 US adults are incarcerated. -- Link

This is why we have to outsource so much of the work in the US -- such a larger percentage of the workforce is either in jail or on perpetual jury duty.

"Researchers have been surprised to find that Swedish women have more powerful bones than their American counterparts." -- Link


Linda said...

Hey, I am a moderate to on the hermeneutics quiz. I knew that but it was kinda reassuring.

Brad Boydston said...

And, of course, Jesus was a moderate -- and that's what really counts. :-)

Unknown said...

An interesting study would have been to compare the women in Sweden with the Norwegians in Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong....

Dave Owen said...

I scored a 54 which was about what I would have expected - to the conservative side of being moderate. For a couple of the questions there was really no option which reflected my view - namely, that nobody really understands that passage!